The Story of Qurious Media

If you think carefully about the greatest inventions in the world or the most powerful discoveries and the astonishing encounters; they all arise from one single place – a Qurious mind. Be it Thomas Edison's invention of the bulb, Stoneman's discovery of fire, Newton's theory of gravity or all the tech-savvy screens that surround you every day – they are all a result of a mind that always asks questions, a mind that wants to break the clutter; wants to innovate, lead and focus on a better tomorrow. A mind that is constantly Qurious.

Welcome to Qurious Media – a unique destination where like-minded people strive to bring you the best creative ideas, the most unique advertising campaigns, eye-catching designs, thoughtful e-learning courses, intriguing videos and a lot more. All with one simple tool – A Qurious mind.

Started as Expressive Square in the year 2009, we are now moving ahead towards a global expansion plan with a new identity - "Qurious Media". While we have successfully conquered the local and national markets, we now aspire to tap the world full of opportunities and make the global markets our canvas while we paint with our Qurious imaginations. Our experience and hard-work at Expressive Square has extensively helped us to form a larger, better and greater company at Qurious Media. We are a team of passionate professionals working towards one single goal - happy and satisfied clients. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd and get recognition in the global market, its time you came to Qurious Media. We deliver excellent results, guarantee high ROIs and ensure you will be delighted while associated with us.


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